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15 Jun

Building Your Dream Home, Step-by-Step

Have you ever imagined what your dream home would look like? What would be included in a home that is designed specifically to meet your desires? Picture yourself sharing a table with a top-notch team ready to take those dreams and bring them into reality. Is it possible? Absolutely. But first, what does building your dream entail?

  • The initial step in building a dream home is defining just that: Your Dream. This home should reflect your lifestyle, decor preferences, personality, and the needs of all who will live within its walls. Individual tastes vary from person to person and a custom homebuilder aims to honor those differences. As you define your dream, don’t hold back! Include every element on your wish list: location, architectural style, interior design, and outdoor spaces.
  • Defining your dream home requires defining its budget. While this can be a tricky topic, it is important to be realistic from the beginning as it will likely dictate your home’s scale, location, and level of luxury. Create a budget that allows a contingency fund for any unforeseen expenses.

Once your dream home and budget are clearly defined, it is time to assemble the team that will bring it to fruition.

  • Typically, this means interviewing a handful of design-build companies to determine which feels like the best partner for your project. Asking questions is essential as services provided may vary from company to company. At a minimum, your team should include an architect, a general contractor, and an interior designer.
  • As you narrow down your choices, request details on previous projects and review portfolios in conjunction with finding the most comfortable fit. This team will be with you through delivery, and it is critical that they understand your vision.

Having selected a partner, it will be time to begin the most exciting steps!

  • Site Selection: Will you plant roots in an urban setting or within the tranquil countryside? Do you prefer views of natural beauty or the cityscape? A quality homebuilder will use your location preferences to find the perfect spot to break ground.
  • It’s time to design! Yes, you’ve already defined those must-haves in your dream home but now it is time to put that wish list on paper. Collaboration is key when creating a blueprint that meets both needs and budgets.
  • With the site and design communicated, your team will present a refined design. This sneak peek will show elevations, detailed floor plans, and, perhaps, a 3D rendering. As this rendering will It is at this stage that blueprints will be finalized - future changes may be costly, so it is imperative that all parties agree to this final representation.

It is perhaps here that your team’s partnership becomes most important. Agreed-upon renderings are now turned into technical blueprints with are then used to obtain the building permits that will serve as the construction roadmap. When you pair with a homebuilder local to the area, you enjoy the benefit of their relationships with subcontracts and a firm understanding of regional codes. While finalizing those necessities, you will move forward with interior design specifics.

  • Decisions galore! Choosing the interior aesthetics of your dream home can be a bit overwhelming with endless options at your fingertips. Do you prefer a neutral palette or something more vivid? Perhaps you’d like to create accent walls with unique wallpaper. Does your dream kitchen have light countertops or dark? Soaker tub or spa? While there are a lot of questions, this piece of the design process is very exciting as imagination comes to life!

As construction begins, plan to visit your home site often! While your team will communicate with you regularly, there is nothing like a front-row seat as your home takes shape. Should you have any concerns, engage your team promptly as they will have the same goal as you: a custom-built, luxury home that exceeds expectations. Move-in day will arrive quickly and soon you will be surrounded by the home of your dreams.

Speight Built Custom Homes specializes in unique, custom-built homes. From start to finish, the building process is handled by a team of local professionals committed to their clients. Reach out to Speight Built today and turn your dream into reality!

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