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12 Jul

Let There Be Light!

When building a custom home, the selection of light fixtures that perfectly match personal tastes is exciting, but the use of natural light should not be discounted in the process. Natural light is alluring. Natural light is welcoming, brightening up spaces and even our moods.

One of the many benefits of building a one-of-a-kind home is the ability to inject natural light through some creative methods tapped during design.

  • Perhaps the most common way to utilize natural light is through the use of open floorplans. With fewer walls to block it, light pours through windows and flows through common areas. Using windows to maximize lighting also creates unique visuals as hues change throughout the day.
  • When choosing wall color palettes for a new home, think soft! Pale paints reflect natural light better than darker counterparts and instantly brighten rooms. If your household is not a fan of rooms brushed with light colors, simply focus on one wall to mirror that natural light. Trick the eye by creating an accent wall with a color a few shades brighter than the others. Ask your builder which wall will receive the most natural light and coat it in a light color to create brilliance!
  • Beyond the color of a home’s walls, choosing lighter-colored materials for countertops and/or cabinetry offers additional surfaces to reflect natural light. As sunlight pours through beautiful windows, it brightens those features and can even eliminate the need to flip light switches to “on” during the day.
  • Whether floors will host hardwoods or carpets, choosing blonde is a terrific option for those who prefer dark furniture or wall colors. Golden oak or honey maple hardwoods topped with a durable clear coat will not only brighten your home but will also be protected from spills.


As you build your custom home, talk to your design team about natural lighting!

  • Have windows placed strategically: Windows facing south tend to receive more direct sunlight than those that face north. Northern-facing windows do have positives in that the light is more consistent, but it does tend to be more diffused.
  • Clerestory windows are small, narrow windows set high on walls that allow more light without compromising privacy or wall space.
  • Go big! Select larger windows or extended sliding doors at the point of home design. Remember, you can always diffuse light later, but going big is most convenient at the time of design.

As decor is added, injecting new light is simple with just a few tricks:

  • Swap heavy, dark curtains for translucent treatments such as sheer curtains or blinds. Both allow privacy while still letting ample natural light sneak into rooms.
  • Place large pieces away from sliding glass or French doors as this will decrease light flow.
  • Having full-glass storm doors installed at entry points creates the opportunity to open exterior doors during the day while maintaining energy efficiency.
  • Look up! Dim rooms can gain new life with the installation of solar tubes or skylights. Both are terrific options for bedrooms where large windows may not be ideal. By channeling light from the rooftop into the home, ceiling lights see much less use.
  • If your style is stacked with dark shelving, pick up some furniture paint and lighten up! This is a terrific way to create small surfaces that will reflect light with minimal investment.
  • Accessorize with mirrors! Large mirrors strategically hung will bounce light across rooms making them appear brighter and larger. Pay attention to the path of sunlight through rooms and then hang mirrors along the trek.

Perhaps the most economical way to increase natural light in a home is with a little elbow grease. Clean windows, inside and out, regularly and they will always invite endless natural light into your home.

A well-lit home is not just aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to well-being and energy efficiency. There are many ways to let sunlight work for your home, whether through design or simple tweaks. Color scheme, window placement, or fixture hues all provide benefits and the team at Speight Built is seasoned in which works best in each of its beautiful floorplans.

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