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17 Aug

Trends in Paint

When building a custom home, one of the most exciting steps is selecting color palettes. Just as the exterior of a new home makes a statement, so should its interior. Whether your preference is to carry similar shades throughout the home or to individualize each space, the starting point in decor typically begins with paint color. By gaining an understanding of current home decor trends, choosing wall colors can become much less intimidating.

Home designers are beginning to move away from stark white palettes, instead opting for a nod to the environment. Shades of green have long been popular accents, but today’s homes pull organic hues into every room.

  • Green continues to be the most loved new neutral, perhaps because there are so many variations. Rooms that were once painted in white are now wearing green, a color that  bridges traditional with bohemian. From a soft sage to a deep emerald, green continues to grow in popularity. 
  • Across the color wheel, reds are returning via subtle earth tones. This trend saw an increase during the pandemic as many found themselves yearning for color that could be carried from indoors to outside. Cranberries, magentas, and cedars rank among the best sellers.
  • Cool color palettes are trending down and are being replaced with warmth and richness. Yellows such as saffron, mustard, or marigold lead the charge from minimalist to inspiring.
  • For those not quite ready to commit to color, there are plenty of traditionally neutral colors that can inject warmth into any space. Rather than bright white, select a shade with warm undertones such as grays or oranges.

As a custom-built home nears completion, the excitement of selecting paint colors can be overwhelming. Three trends that have absolutely faded out?

  • Neons: These extreme colors are fine in small doses, but no longer applicable for entire walls.
  • Clinical Whites: That minimalistic look has lost its punch. Think character or cottage, instead.
  • Eclectic Eruptions: Spaces no longer carry a variety of color combinations that don’t necessarily share the same family. Cohesion has arrived with carefully crafted palettes.

According to psychologists, the color of a room can affect one’s state of mind, something that businesses have been tapping into for decades when designing new spaces. By taking a hint from doctor’s offices, restaurants, or even schools, homeowners are able to set a signature mood throughout their homes with purposefully selected paint colors.

  • Warm terracotta, muted greens, and soft browns evoke a sense of comfort, grounding, and connection to nature.
  • Blues that mimic the evening sky or deep waters will create spaces that promote a calm, serene vibe.
  • Soft pastels, such as lavenders or buttery yellows, brighten rooms (and moods!) by offering tranquility and lightness.

If you love to switch paint colors on a regular basis, timing is essential, especially if painting your home’s exterior:

  • Focus on the outside during the spring or fall when temperatures in the Triangle area are more moderate. This will give paint layers ample time to cure and dry properly.
  • High humidity can adversely affect paint (indoors and out!) leading to imperfect finishes. If your project collides with a steamy day, create airflow through any rooms ready for primping.
  • Ideally, interior paint  should be applied on days that allow windows to be left open as this will promote proper ventilation without taxing heating or cooling systems.

Before dipping into a fresh can of paint, make sure you have checked off a few more boxes:

  • Select the paint that is most appropriate for your home’s needs. Water-based, satin blends are among the most popular as they are easier to clean and more friendly for the environment.
  • Sand or scrape uneven surfaces.
  • Clean walls or ceilings with a damp towel and allow them to dry.
  • Start with a coat of primer! This step is often skipped  as it is time-consuming, but will actually shorten the length of the project.

After years of wall colors that leaned heavily toward whites, tones inspired by nature are returning to popularity. Of course, homeowners should never be afraid to pick colors that resonate with individual preferences and personalities, but going a little bold is now on the menu. Whether remaining a traditionalist or trying something trendy, a fresh coat of paint almost always makes a house truly feel like home.

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