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16 Apr

Outdoor Living, A Perfect Plan

Imagine walking off your very own putting green onto a covered stone patio and settling into a cozy couch to watch the Masters. Or how about wrapping up a workout in your custom home gym and taking a dip in a plunge pool that sits just steps away? Perhaps you’d like to be the hero of hosting with an oversized firepit surrounded by numerous seating options. Building the perfect outdoor space means matching dreams with design. Speight Built has a long history of creating gorgeous outdoor spaces in addition to beautiful custom homes.

What will your outdoor sanctuary include?

Entertainment: For those who love to host, consider including a refrigerator and pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen. Install a spacious dining area with comfortable seating and creative lighting. A sound system is a terrific way to set the mood, whether settling in for a romantic evening or a beach-music theme.

Nod to Nature: A serene garden may include winding pathways, a variety of plants, and a water feature to create a perfectly Zen space. A fountain or a small koi pond surrounded by hammocks is a delightful spot to ramp down after a long workday.

Family/Friends Follies: Prefer a more active oasis? Multi-use sports courts, lap pools, and yard games may be the way to go when designing your outdoor space.

The climate in central North Carolina is mixed with hot summers, mild winters, and consistent liquid sunshine. This allows residents ample opportunities to enjoy time outdoors among plush, rolling landscapes that are always picture-perfect. With a long outdoor season, builders are tasked with creating spaces that handle sun, wind, and rain with nary a blink.

Design for year-round enjoyment: Probably the most important factor in planning an outdoor space is designing one that will have maximum use. Here, that means including sheltered areas such as a gazebo, pergola, or extended roof. For chillier months, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can provide warmth and ambiance. Many homeowners opt for an additional, weather-friendly kitchen. This provides both the benefit of all-season grilling and energy efficiency as summer meal prep does not burden HVAC systems.

The team at Speight Built Custom Home is well-versed in what will or won’t work long-term and it uses that knowledge often in new home builds. By choosing materials that last in humidity, heavy rains, or gusty winds, outdoor spaces are guaranteed to last. Composite decking, weather-resistant fabrics, and metals that won’t rust or fade are essential for longevity. By installing climate-appropriate options, new homeowners can spend more time enjoying their space rather than performing maintenance.

Other ideas to consider when designing outdoors?

Native plants are always the best option when landscaping. These plants are already adapted to the local climate which means less water or maintenance. Native plants also provide habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies. By mixing both perennials and annuals, homeowners will have beautiful results year-round.

Conservation may sound complicated but can be quite simple. Installing a few rain barrels is an easy way to turn liquid sunshine into drip irrigation for gardens. Opting for solar-powered LED lights allows Mother Nature to brighten backyards. Energy-efficient appliances are just as important in outdoor kitchens as those found inside.

Take technology outdoors with the use of weather-resistant speakers. Opt for smart lighting that can be controlled via smartphones–a perk for those who forget to leave lights on when traveling. Wi-Fi extenders are a great option for those who wish to take their home office outside.

Creating the perfect outdoor space in central North Carolina is an opportunity to extend your living area into the beauty of the natural surroundings. By considering the climate, integrating elements that reflect your lifestyle, and using sustainable practices, you can design a cherished retreat for family and friends to gather, relax, and make memories. Speight Built Custom Homes has gorgeous outdoor space options that merge perfectly with its new build design plans.

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