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31 May

Front Doors that Tell a Story

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” - William Shakespeare

This famed quote by Shakespeare references how the first thing people see when greeting us also tells our history. Can the same be said about our home’s front doors? Absolutely. Decades ago, neighborhood homes often shared similar and bland front doors. Today’s homeowners consider personalizing their front door as important as their interior decor. Front doors serve as a blank canvas on which to share much about the people who live inside. The art of creating unique entry points even extends to side or back entrances as residents put their stamp on each door.

The team at Speight Built Custom Homes is well-versed in its clients’ desires for a fabulous front door. With gorgeous elevations and posh porches, the natural progression is through a door that really speaks to and about those who live there. The beauty of a front door is that it remains easily updatable for life. Whether through paint colors, holiday decor, or supporting a favorite sports team, the only rule about today’s front doors is that there are no rules at all.

Which HUE is for you?

Blacks: A glossy, black front door exudes the expected. It is a classic option and typically what new homeowners opt for first as they find their footing. Those who stick with a black front door are typically not swayed by trends as they have found a color they can love for the long haul. 

Grays: For homeowners who may be shy about straying from the standard, gray tones are an ideal alternative. Grays offer a subtle change but without too much worry of regret.

Blues: While there are endless shades of blue, all point to the same thing: comfort. Blues hues offer a soothing vibe of familiarity much like that favorite pair of jeans that fit like a glove.

Greens: Whether your focus is on family, community, or simply the garden, a front door painted in a shade of green often points to a desire for growth and security. 

Reds: Much like red lipstick, a red front door is bold! Red tells the world that your home is ready for hosting on a whim, stocked for any occasion that may pop up!

Whites: Like their contrasting black doors, white doors are considered a classic. White doors are crisp and clean, often leading into homes that are perfectly organized. And also like its black counterpart, white doors are easy to accessorize with pops of color.

There are endless options in front door paints including many stunning (though less common) colors. Yellows or teals emit cheer to passersby while bright oranges or purples provide an unexpected burst! For those wishing to emit true Southern charm, pinks and peaches are perfect.

Once you’ve applied the perfect paint to your front door, what’s next?

Personalizing the doors of your home will kick its unique level up a notch–and it doesn’t have to be limited to the front of your home!

Speak to your design team about custom, decorative glass inserts. While plain glass inserts are most common, they are not required. Stained or etched glass inserts are a beautiful way to turn your front door into the gem of the neighborhood. Some homeowners even have their surname’s monograms etched into front door glass.

Fabulous fixtures are not just for the interior of your new home. Vintage or antique doorknobs or hinges can add a hint of history that may also serve as an icebreaker for those who pass by it. Whether you are beginning, midway, or have completed the building process, it’s always the perfect time to dabble in the repurposed fixtures market.

Customer doorknockers have gained popularity recently as homeowners add this small ode to their personality or heritage. Love the ocean? Add a brass mermaid or anchor! Have a favorite sports team? Head to their fan shop for a classy, custom design.

House numbers are important in identifying your home, but they don’t have to be boring. Find a font that speaks to you in a metal of your choice. Or get the whole family involved by hand painting tiles at your local pottery studio.

Are you artistically inclined? Perhaps a geometric or abstract design is just the pop that your door deserves. Even murals are making appearances at entry points. This unique option is not only creative, but it also tells neighbors that a fabulous artist is just steps away.

Let your door shine! A fabulous door should be showcased! From stylish sconces to delicate spotlights to petite pendants, enhancing your front door with lighting allows improved visibility throughout the night.

Seasons change and so can your door!

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